Laurentian University: Introduction to Therapeutic Adventure Programming for At-Risk Youth

ACHIEVE Training has partnered with Laurentian University to offer a 3.0 credit University course entitled:

Introduction to Therapeutic Adventure Programming for At-Risk Youth

Course Description: This professional development opportunity is a 3.0 credit undergraduate course (PHED/INTI 4457) created by Wendigo Lake Expeditions’ ACHIEVE Programs in collaboration with Laurentian University (LU). The course is designed to introduce professionals and upper year students to the interdisciplinary field of adventure therapy for at-risk youth. Students will be immersed in an experiential learning environment in a residential setting (off-campus) where they will be introduced to aspects relevant to the field of experiential education and adventure therapy programming. The course will be delivered in a compressed format continuously over a one week experience during one week, May 2-7, 2016. The course content will be examined from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Intensive classroom sessions will provide theoretical foundations, and hands-on educational experiences will serve to extend and consolidate the learning.

Professor and Location: Jeremie Carreau, MHK, will lead this unique learning experience with the support of colleagues and using the diverse resources and facilities available through ACHIEVE Adventure, Wilderness & Training Programs at Wendigo Lake Expeditions (WLE) near South River ON. Jeremie is the Deputy Director and ACHIEVE Programs Supervisor at WLE, and also teaches in Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education. Contact Jeremie for more information about the content of or schedule for this course (

Required Text:
Gass, M. A., Gillis, H. L., & Russell, K C. (2012). Adventure therapy: Theory, research, and practice.New York: Routledge.

Important Registration Information: Those who wish to enroll who are not current students at LU must first register as a new student at LU. Once registered, an admission fee and tuition for a three-credit course must be paid to LU. Contact Jeremie Carreau at or 705-386-2376 ext 217 if you are interested in this course. Jeremie will forward the appropriate admission paperwork to candidates.

**Register Today by contacting Jeremie at or 705-386-2376 ext 217***

Incidental Fee: There is a required course fee beyond the cost of tuition. Since this course will involve a 6-day (5-night) residential stay, students are required to pay a nominal $90 incidental fee to help cover the additional cost of meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. Payment must be made to Wendigo Lake Expeditions. Note: students are responsible for their transportation to and from WLE.