Family Re-Connect

ACHIEVE Family Re-Connect Experiences


Try Another Way…

Experience family re-connection during a customized adventure or wilderness experience. Wendigo Lake Expeditions’ ACHIEVE Family programs use a strengths-based approach to bring families suffering from loss or trauma, or torn apart by defiance, conflict, substance abuse, mental health, or emotion regulation issues. Wendigo Lake Expeditions’ clinical model is evidence-based and built upon over 40 years of continuous operation.

Each family’s unique experience will be delivered by a team consisting of highly qualified instructors and a Masters level licensed therapist, incorporating both one-on-one and family counseling sessions. Experiences are tailored to each family’s needs to promote individual and family growth. Go on a wilderness canoe trip (e.g., 5 days on the Petawawa River) or day-trips from a backcountry cabin, try rock-climbing or challenge elements on our ACCT certified High Ropes Course.  We customize the experience to meet your family’s needs.

Venue for Growth…

Wendigo Lake Expeditions Main Campus is located outside of South River, ON (minutes from the West Boundary of Algonquin Provincial Park). Meet us at our site to begin your experience, or we’ll come to you!

Customized Approach…

Families are encouraged to complete a pre-experience assessment with our ACHIEVE Family Therapist so that the specific counseling approach is tailor-made for addressing the specific needs of each person and the family unit as a whole.

Promoting Lasting Change…

We recognize that while a short and intensive family re-connect experience can evoke powerful gains, there are bound to be challenges in the future that lead to set-backs. ACHIEVE Family Therapists are committed to remaining in contact with families for one year following the experience to assist help navigate  challenges that are faced which impact on family function and connectedness.

Inquire Today!

Contact Jeremie Carreau, Supervisor of ACHIEVE Family Programs at or 705-386-2376 ext 217. Jeremie will connect you with one of our talented Therapists who will help you build a meaningful experience!