One-on-One Self Discovery Expeditions for Adults

ACHIEVE offers One-on-One Self Discovery Expeditions to people ages 18+ who who are in need of a “time out” from life in order to gain perspective to launch back in with purpose and meaning. These experiences are highly impactful, strengths-focused, and customized for the individuals. These expeditions can range from 5-day high-adventure pursuits to 21-day remote wilderness canoe trips.

Clients may be seeking a One-on-One expedition for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

- Escaping the hustle-and-bustle
- Connecting with Self
- Contemplating big decisions
- Reflecting on life choices
- Seeking a transformative or life-changing experience
- Processing significant changes or personal loss
- Discovering new abilities
- Seeking a memorable adventure
- Preparing for a lifestyle changes
- Reflecting on second chances
- Connecting with Nature

canoe on lake

Co-Created Experiences
From the initial point of contact through to the last day of expedition, our team will ensure that the client is involved every step of the way to make informed decisions that will best support the intended goals of each experience. Make no mistake: these expeditions are made for two, so the client and the guide/mentor will work together to achieve success!

Hand-Picked Guide/Mentor
One-on-One Self Discovery Expeditions are facilitated by expert wilderness guides that excel in facilitating therapeutic and developmental adventure programs. We carefully match each client with an appropriate Guide/Mentor to maximize the impact of the experience.

Therapist Support
Our Program Director will arrange for additional therapist support for each client on an individualized basis.

What does it Cost? How do I Enroll?
These experiences are so highly customized that we can not give you a cost without an initial conversation. Inquire by phone or email and we will answer all your questions.
Jeremie Carreau
705-386-2376 ext 217