ACHIEVE Wilderness expeditions take participants into the heart of nature to explore personal growth and professional development. The use of wilderness teaches and reinforces overcoming challenges through resiliency, setting and achieving goals, developing trust among members, and developing a sense of cohesiveness through teamwork, among other things.

Wilderness experiences typically begin from our Wendigo Lake Expeditions Main Campus at the North West corner of Algonquin Provincial Park. Participants are encouraged to take ownership of their experience right from the start by participating in food and equipment packing, and pre-expedition training sessions.

Wendigo Lake Expeditions (3)

Our highly qualified ACHIEVE Trip Leaders are hand-picked for each experience, matching their strengths to the activity(s) and client needs.

While we do offer a number of pre-programmed offerings, we are also unique from our peers in that our experienced team is able to develop a completely customized expedition that align with the expected outcomes for the client. Our Wilderness Expeditions can be designed with individual treatment goals in mind, or can be developed with group development goals in mind, or both!  Ask us about a remote start expedition: rather than coming here first, we’ll bring everything to the take-off point of an expedition and begin from there.