Our Approach

ACHIEVE designs and delivers customized professional development and personal growth programs for students and staff of schools, colleges, universities, children’s services agencies, and small businesses.

Teamwork on the "High V"

Our programs utilize experiential education and therapeutic adventure programming methodology to meet the goals of each client group. Typical goals include one or more of team building; group communication and problem-solving; skill development for youth work; facilitation of games, initiatives and adventure activities; risk management; personal reflection; therapeutic goals and working towards lasting change; professional development; wilderness expedition experience; and enormous amounts of fun.

ACHIEVE program offerings are designed as a completely customizable experience using a base of outdoor adventure, wilderness expeditions, and wilderness therapy to provide training and development experiences to a wide range of users. More details regarding our specific program offerings are available on this site but we encourage you to contact us directly so that we can design a tailored program that will fulfill your group or organization’s specific training and development needs.